"Alis/Filliol : The making of Mom"

Two years ago at blank, in the context of Killing Floor II, Alis/Filliol created Mom, a sculpture made of modelling clay and wood. The photographic documentation of what happened between June 19th and 20th, 2014, is presented in “The making of Mom”, a limited edition realized by e/static, for the leppi lampi labors series, in two different versions. One (60 pages cm 20 x 25) is composed of 12 books plus 3 artist proof, all of them numbered and signed by the artists, and the other, smaller in size (16 pages cm 16,5 x 23,6), is composed of 100 books, numbered. This publication has been curated by Carlo Fossati, who also wrote the featured text.

Carlo Fossati: The making of Mom.pdf30.38 KB