Cabiati, Casas, Fox, Inverni, Julius, Kuhn, Petitgand, Piscitelli, Suzuki, Yui: découpage (f l)

“découpage (f l)”, which inaugurates blank, e/static’s new art space in via Reggio 27, is a group show curated by Carlo Fossati including works by Rolf Julius, Hans Peter Kuhn, Miki Yui, Terry Fox, Paolo Piscitelli, Dominique Petitgand, Vincenzo Cabiati, Akio Suzuki, all of whom have exhibited as solo artists at e/static over the past seven years.
The show presents already known works such as Julius's 2 x black (2001), Fox's Lever (2002) and Cabiati's Overnight Dream (1994) alongside new pieces being shown for the first time in Italy, Petitgand's Aloof (2005/2006) and Miki Yui's Still Life (2006).
There will also be two new site specific installations by Paolo Piscitelli and Hans Peter Kuhn, the first an intervention on the top floor of via Reggio building, the second an illumination of the entire stairway.
Also included will be new works by two young artists one of whom, Paolo Inverni (who has made a ‘visual remix’ of the above-cited Julius piece) has recently begun to collaborate with e/static, while the Spanish video-maker Carlos Casas begins to do so with this exhibition.
As regards the show’s title, the French word ‘découpage’ literally refers to the action of cutting out, but is also used in cinema to denote the work the director does in moving from written screenplay to the construction of the film's actual narrative framework, selecting (hence ‘cutting out’) the scenes to shoot and the precise mode of filming them.
The sense of the show lies in this mix of e/static collaborators old and new, of works already shown and completely new pieces: indicating that what occurs in this space will be new and in some measure different from what has been shown previously, but there will also be continuity with work done in the past, as in a natural process of germination from seed to flower and again to seed..
The opening of “découpage (f l)” will take place on saturday 11th November at 9.30 pm to coincide with the inauguration of the host building whose first floor blank occupies, while on the second floor Renato Alpegiani will present a selection of works from his collection, together with new site specific installations by Paolo Piscitelli, Maria Lai and Hans Peter Kuhn (the latter a permanent installation in the building's stairway).

Vincenzo Cabiati
Carlos Casas
Terry Fox
Paolo Inverni
Rolf Julius
Hans Peter Kuhn
Dominique Petitgand
Paolo Piscitelli
Akio Suzuki
Miki Yui
11 11 06 - 23 12 06
blank, via Reggio 27, Torino
Realization curated by: 
Carlo Fossati for e/static
Saturday 11th November 2006 at 9.30 pm