Carlo Fossati: My heart beat like a hammer

The English edition of “My heart beat like a hammer” [the title is after a song by Jeremy Spencer, published in the “Fleetwood Mac” album, 1967] has been published in a limited edition of 80 copies in September 2019. This book has 60 pages (with a b/w picture) in the format 13 x 19 cm. Translations by Laura Culver, Valentina Maffucci, Cristina Travaglini.

In the author’s own words: “This collection of short texts is rather heterogeneous, though I believe they have some things in common.  For example, they all describe something that was already there, or had happened, when I wrote about it, rather than anticipating, or foreseeing something that still had to happen. All of them could be defined as experiential texts, and when I had to decide what title to give the collection, I had considered this expression. Which is not always absolutely precise or pertinent for all the texts, since in some cases, my experience has been of a work, therefore not a first hand experience (the text on Stanley Brown may be an exception, because I came across his work by chance, it was actually a completely casual and unexpected encounter, as happened to the protagonist of The Walk by Robert Walser). Then, many texts are related to the history of e/static (opening the collection, according to a chronological order, is the text on the first exhibition by Julius in 2001), but it seemed to me that a choice too unbalanced regarding this aspect would have given the collection a reminiscent, or even nostalgic, nature that I absolutely wanted to avoid. So I didn't hesitate to include texts that have nothing to do with e/static ”.

Among about 50 authors appearing in the book, in strict order of appaearance (respecting the chronological order of the texts included in the collection): Rolf Julius, Paolo Piscitelli, Simone Mussat Sartor, Steve Roden, Paolo Inverni, Tehching Hsieh, Cormac McCarthy, Terry Fox, Alan Lamb, Miki Yui, Dominique Petitgand, Loren Chasse, Michael Graeve, Andrea Caretto e Raffaella Spagna, Giovanni Anselmo, Manuele Cerutti, Otis Redding, Stanley Brouwn, Bill Evans, Akio Suzuki, Pesce Khete, Alessandro Quaranta, Giovanni Morbin, Alis/Filliol, Robert Bresson.