Hans Peter Kuhn: Advertising

Advertising is a new light and sound installation by Hans Peter Kuhn, and has been projected expressly for the CONSTELLATIONS section of Artissima 12. Kuhn is a German artist who has been active since the 70s, initially as the author of the stage music for Robert Wilson (a collaboration lasting up to the end of the 90s), then more recently as the creator of large, or often gigantic installations en plein air, both in urban and non urban sites: such as that at Pier 32 in Manhattan in 1996, then the large worksite of the Potsdamer Platz (1997), the ex-steelworks at Volklingen (1999), and finally that on the enormous Lichterfeld F60 structure (considered to be the largest machine tool on the planet, finished in 1990 and used for the processing of peat until 1991) in Brandenburg in 2003. In all these past works, as in this new installation presented in Turin, a system of fixed lights (sometimes coloured, but more often, as in Advertising, white fluorescent tubes) is coupled with a very complex system of sounds, which move between the various light sources, creating a fascinating sort of organism that seems to have a life of its own, an alien life inhabiting the space in which the work has been installed.

e/static is present at Artissima 12 also with works by Cabiati, Fox, Julius, Kubisch, Kuhn, Piscitelli, Roden, Yui (stand n. 10, passage Turchese A).

Hans Peter Kuhn
10 11 05 - 13 11 05
Artissima 12, Lingotto Fiere, via Nizza 294, Torino
Realization curated by: 
Carlo Fossati for e/static

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