Miki Yui: e mezzo / and a half

This is the Düsseldorf-based Japanese artist’s third solo exhibition for e/static: starting from Saturday 8th November, at blank, in via Reggio 27, in Turin, she’ll be showcasing some new works for the first time, all of them created expressly for this occasion. These will be set up together so as to constitute an installation that plays on the contrasts and the connections between light and shadow. A much-alive and ever-changing exhibition, which should be enjoyed in a slow and relaxed fashion, watching and listening to its continuous and imperceptible mutations.

Miki Yui did several solo exhibitions, as well in Italy, for e/static (in 2004 and 2007), as in Germany (Berlin, Chemnitz, Lippstadt), Austria (Wien) and Denmark (Copenhagen); she took part in groups shows in Germany, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Holland, Great Britain; she realized a few radio productions for German public radio, and also she collaborated with choreographers, in Germany and Japan; as a musician, she published several cds (one of which, with Rolf Julius, was produced by e/static in 2006) and she performed many times in concert, in Europe, Asia, USA.

Miki Yui
8 11 14 - 20 12 14
blank, via Reggio 27, Torino
Realization curated by: 
Carlo Fossati for e/static
Saturday November 8th, 2014 at 8.30 pm
Opening days and times: 
from Thursday to Saturday, 4 pm to 7.30 pm; or by appointment

011235140 estatic.it mikiyui.com