Nell'aria IV (Paolo Piscitelli: Cores mix 1)

On Wednesday February 18, 2004, from 6 pm to 8.30, within the scope of  “Nell'aria / In the Air”, Paolo Piscitelli will present his ‘acoustic sculpture’ Cores mix 1, for the first time in Torino since October 4, 2001, at the time of its first ever performance, during the suite of live events EXIT-01 (variazioni senza tema / variations without a theme) [see HERE]. Since then, the artist have been pursuing with increasing commitment this particular side of his research, notably with the Volume rosa [Pink Volume] installation, in Turin Palazzo Reale’s Scala delle Forbici [Scissors staircase], in 2002, then with Seconda intenzione, volume bianco [Second Intention, White Volume] at Artissima in the Present Future section, in November 2003, and with Reverse, presented in the context of Eco e Narciso, by last Fall too. Actually, the version now displayed is the same which was included in “Nous tournons en rond dans la nuit et nous sommes dévorés par le feu” group show at FRAC-Bourgogne, in Dijon (F), 2002. In that occasion the shape of the work had been slightly modified by the author, although remaining identical, in its out-and-out sonic element, to the one contained in the homonymous CD, published by e/static in 2002 in a limited edition of 150 copies.
Piscitelli will be present, disposable to reply to any inquiry from the audience on this work’s fundamental aspects, and in general about his personal research within the scope of sounds. Which allowed him to achieve some international recognition, while representing a rare, if not unique, example of this kind inside the Italian landscape

Paolo Piscitelli
18 2 04
e/static, via Parma 31, Torino
Realization curated by: 
Carlo Fossati for e/static