Paolo Piscitelli: At the same time + If you fear something, you’ll hear something

On May 15, Paolo Piscitelli returns to Turin with some new works to be set up in the space blank. This is his second solo exhibition for e/static after the one he did in 2000.
Also in this occasion, as it was eight years ago, his approach is conceptually organic; he has chosen a ground to go through, for exploring, or a new point of view from which to look at things. Once again, Paolo directs his attention towards what is closest to him, behind which a vast matter always lays hidden. It‘s a sort of ‘other life’, and it’s because it’s so close to us that it easily escapes our sight, which we usually view to what is far away from us. At the time of that show, Piscitelli named this mode “Second intention”, the same as the title of the book published, which was intended to define the sense of the show. Working very closely on the Fifth corner, so close that he even couldn't see much more than what he was doing in every moment, or what he had just done. He was drawing like he was moving in a sort of 'immersed' dimension (as we sometimes are sunk in darkness). It was a particular sensorial condition, allowing him to free his action from a too tight self-control, the one we usually keep, even unconsciously, to guide our behaviour, therefore avoiding everything that could keep us from getting to a settled aim.
The itinerary traced by the artist in this new show appears, once again, as the fruit of his intention to explore new territories, to arrive very far away, and deeply close. He is now considering all that stays on the peripheries of his visual, as well as auditive, field, that is on the borders of his attention, happening at the same time of what's happening right in the center, and not less important. Also, he turns this attention on the temporal side, keeping the residuals left on the course of the work’s realization, usually being eliminated, hence depriving it of an essential part. Together with those parts, what now really counts for Piscitelli are the chance events happening during the way, enlightening it for some time, before disappearing. But they will remain in the phenomenic memory of the final work, as invisibile, immaterial parts, at the same time complementing the visibile, concrete ones, to whom they are giving life, real living spirit. Piscitelli, more and more conscious, aims to the comprehension of the phenomenologic reality in its wholeness, contained in the final shape, of which it is an evidence, something that remains to testify it, strongly permeated of its now weakened energy.
Paolo Piscitelli will present at blank an audio-installation which gives the show its title, the video Seize the moment, a few terracottas (Parallel phenomenon and the series At the same time), the three Out of print sculptures (two to be put on the walls, one on the floor), moulded with a thin iron rod.
Beside the solo show, a work Paolo made in 2004, If you fear something, you’ll hear something, will be displayed, starting from the 17th may, in e/static’s ‘historical’ space in via Parma 31. The work was damaged after its first outdoor display in Rome, in 2004, but it has been recently given back to its original freshness by Roberta Accordino, who accurately restored it. This will be the first time it will be shown again, after its restoration.

Paolo Piscitelli (Venaria, 1971) already did many shows, both solo and group ones, as well as many performances. He worked with private spaces (besides e/static, Galerie Paolo Boselli in Brussels, Studio Tucci Russo in Torre Pellice, Mannheim's Galerie Bernhard Knaus) as well as in public spaces (Torino's GAM, Bologna's GAM, the FRAC-Bourgogne in Dijon, the MLAC in Roma). In 2003 he was awarded the Maretti Prize by Bologna's GAM; in 2005 he was included in New York's Drawing Center Viewing Program; he has been 2006/2007 Artist-in-Residence at Texas A&M University. Since 2006, he lives and works in College Station, Texas.

Paolo Piscitelli
15 5 08 - 12 7 08
blank, via Reggio 27, Torino
Realization curated by: 
Carlo Fossati per e/static
Thurs. May 15 2008, 6.30 pm
Opening days and times: 
Wed. - Sat., 4 pm - 7.30 pm (or by appointment)