Terry Fox : Vocale vocale

Vocale vocale” is a limited edition of 70 numbered copies; the first 11 copies have been signed by the artist. Each sleeve is in cardboard (cm 25 x 34,8) and contains: eleven A4 photocopies, 1:1 scale, of the texts typewritten by the artist himself while working on the project for the exhibition of the same name; two digital prints depicting views of the exhibition, which was set up at e/static's exhibiting space in the Fall 2002.
The artist settled on the number 11 for the signed copies because that number was always meaningful for him, and often recurs in his work. The number 59 – the remaining lot of the edition, from 12 to 70 – relates to his age at the time of the exhibiting project.
This publication was presented at the Centre Culturel Francais of Turin (which co-produced it, in partnership with e/static) on November 11th, 2002

For any information please contact e/static