VISIONAIR-04 (Carrè + Chauvin, Chasse, Petitgand, Yui)

This first appointment of VISIONAIR-04 represents an important moment in the course of e/static's performance events, which started in 2001 with EXIT-01, continuing with TRAX 1,2,3 in 2002 and “Other Visions” in 2003, always further accentuating its vocation of space dedicated to sound research. In fact, this year the programmed events will take place outside of the usual space at Via Parma 31, and will be held in the Eikon Theatre on Giulio Cesare street; a small “jewel” of a space enclosed within the prestigious Casa Aurora, by the late Aldo Rossi, one of the few examples of contemporary architecture in Turin.
It will open on June 15th with the accurate “montage” of voices and sounds created by the Frenchman Dominique PETITGAND, diffused in the darkness so as to interact better with the spectators’ imagination; then, the young Japanese artist Miki YUI (recently the author of a refined solo show at e/static) creating electronic elaborations of live recordings of sounds appertaining to the space where the event takes place. At the end of the first evening, is the projection – a world premiere – of a video shot last year on the Japanese Akio SUZUKI's brief stay in Turin when he participated in the “Other Visions” cycle of performances. He was filmed in an absolutely anomalous context such as a cave, and other sites of the Valdesian valleys, where he discovers familiar elements with his own cultural and artistic background. A precious document, through which the authors Franco Rivoira and Patrizia Roussel have drawn an intense profile of this exceptional artist/performer.
Wednesday the 16th is opened by the apparently playful staging – employing pressure cookers and pvc pipes – created by Patrice CARRE' in collaboration with Mathieu CHAUVIN (both French), which almost unexpectedly reaches the materialization of sophisticated drones; then, the delicate sollicitations exercised upon the entire environment in the Californian Loren CHASSE's performance, which involves the audience in a sort of its transfiguration through the sounds, hic et nunc.

SEE Akio Suzuki, ama no iwa fue in Torino (excerpt from the video “Akio Suzuki: trigger”) HERE

Patrice Carré
Mathieu Chauvin
Loren Chasse
Dominique Petitgand
Miki Yui
Akio Suzuki
15 6 04 - 16 6 04
Teatro Eikon, Casa Aurora, Giulio Cesare, Torino
Realization curated by: 
Carlo Fossati for e/static
With the support of: 
Fondazione CRT, Regione Piemonte and in collaboration with EIKON Teatro