VISIONAIR-14: Miki Yui, sola(re) + Stefan Schneider, Corrugare

This year, in the context of visionair project, one event will take place, featuring two sonic performances by two authors. Friday November 7th, 2014, at 7 pm at born in berlin, in via San Dalmazzo 9/A, Torino, Miki Yui and Stefan Schneider will play inside the fashion design studio of a renowned griffe. Miki Yui is a japanese visual artist and musician living in Düsseldorf since many years. She's quite known in Torino (where she will present, in the evening of the day after this concert, her third solo show for e/static) and during her career she already published several cds under her name, plus one together with Rolf Julius. She’ll perform this time with her solar oscillators. Stefan Schneider is a founding member of the group to rococo rot, prestigious name from Düsseldorf’s electronic scene since the early 90s, and he’s also known for his collaborations, for instance the ones with Joaquim Roedelius, Barbara Morgenstern and Bill Wells. Corrugare (his first solo performance in more than four years) has been prepared specially for this event, and it will introduce a proposal for possible activity with electronic instruments in a public space. 

to watch a video documentation of the concert click HERE

Miki Yui
Stefan Schneider
7 11 14
born in berlin, via San Dalmazzo 9/a, Torino
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Carlo Fossati per e/static
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born in berlin
venerdì 7 novembre dalle ore 19

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