Durand, Ielasi, Suzuki: Altre visioni (for yet unawakened dreamers)

One year after TRAX [see here], e/static presents, in the season of the awakening and of the openness (that is: towards the new and unpredictable), a new cycle of performative events.
An event is “what can happen, that will happen”... Somebody triggers, initiates a sequence of facts taking place in a certain place, in that moment, before some people (standing very close to the ‘performer’, with whom they could have a contact with, interact...). What is therefore unrepeatable, if one would try to make it again, in the context of different conditions, regarding place, time and the audience. But one can define all three events of ALTRE VISIONI [Other Visions], as performances, which, although all different one from another, take place according to these very manners.
The young musician Giuseppe Ielasi will open the cycle on March 20 at 9 pm. Last year, he was included – the only Italian to be invited – at the Los Angeles “Beyond Baroque” festival dedicated to ‘outer limits’ music. He will use electric guitars operated by himself both mecanically and electronically (re-processing them through a computer) in order to explore, in the peculiar spatiotemporal dimension of the place that night, new development lines of his piece (a true ‘work in progress’) Chords.
On Thursday April 3, again at 9 pm, an extraordinary performer, visual artist, sound artist and musician will return to Turin after many years. Akio Suzuki (whose antological cd “Odds and Ends” has been voted by the presigious British musical revue The Wire as one of the best of 2002 in the outer limits field) will weave together all diverse sides of his creative scope to shape his Trigger performance.
On Monday May 19, at 9.30 pm, Werner Durand’s Colonne d’aria vibrante [Columns of vibrating air] will close the series.
He’s based in Berlin, and he’s renowned for his recent collaboration with Amelia Cuni and, in the past, with Arnold Dreyblatt. A virtuoso player of custom-built wind instruments, that night (using both common use objects and electronic delays) he will diffuse their sonorities, to make them reverberate inside the physical space of the event.


Werner Durand
Giuseppe Ielasi
Akio Suzuki
3 4 03 - 5 9 03
e/static, via Parma 31, Torino
Realization curated by: 
Carlo Fossati for e/static

+39011235140 estatic.it