S. Schneider, G. Morbin, R. Julius, M. Yui: Camminare e sognare nel bosco

The project La collera delle lumache [The Snails’ Wrath] will culminate in a multimedia exhibition, “Camminare e sognare nel bosco [Walking and Dreaming in the Woods]”, which will be opened on June 2 at two locations: the “Feltrificio Crumiére” Ecomuseum in Villar Pellice and the Dogana Reale [Royal Customs] in Bobbio Pellice, both located a few kilometers from the places where the events took place just under a year ago. Approximately 20 photos shot by Stefan Schneider will be presented, as well as two video installations documenting the works made by Giovanni Morbin and Rolf Julius during July 2016. Also, Miki Yui will present a new sound installation she created just for the occasion.

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Stefan Schneider
Giovanni Morbin
Rolf Julius
Miki Yui
2 6 17 - 11 6 17
Dogana Reale di Bobbio Pellice (TO); Ecomuseo Feltrificio Crumière di Villar Pellice (TO)
Realization curated by: 
Carlo Fossati for e/static
With the support of: 
CRT Foundation
Friday June 2 giugno at 5.30 pm, at Dogana Reale di Bobbio Pellice (TO); same day at 6 pm, at Ecomuseo Feltrificio Crumière in Villar Pellice (TO)
Opening days and times: 
from Saturday to Sunday, from 3 pm to 6 pm; or by appointment

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